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About Our Team:

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that having a diverse workforce is essential to our success and strive to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and supported. 

- We have a clear diversity and inclusion policy that is communicated to all employees.

- We actively recruit and hire employees from diverse backgrounds.

- Encourage open communication and feedback to identify and address issues related to diversity and inclusion.

- Measure and track diversity and inclusion metrics to identify areas for improvement.

In summary, a diverse and supportive company is one that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Such a company recognizes the benefits of having a diverse workforce and takes steps to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and supported.

- Responsible for the company's major social networking site account operations in Europe and the United States, regular content editing and publishing, and finished product retail, requiring a bachelor's degree in marketing.

- With more than three years of brand marketing experience and past successful cases, familiarity with the cashmere industry, love of cashmere products, and fashion and social media sensitivity, there is huge room for promotion.

- It can be part-time or full-time, and in the future, he will be responsible for the exhibition and affairs related to major exhibitions and fashion weeks in Europe and the United States. Familiarity with Italian is not necessary.
- More than 10 years of experience in textile raw materials and finished products, a wide range of European and American factories, distribution channels, and brand customer resources.

- Strong market sensitivity and sales ability, with a successful track record.

- Based on your performance, you can be promoted to partner with the company.
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